The following list of individuals will give presentations at the GlycoT 2020. This list will be updated with more speakers upon their confirmation. Please check back regularly.

SpeakerTitle of Presentation
Anne DellGlycobiology of Pre-term Birth: Glycomics Discoveries
Barbara Imperiali(Phospho)glycosyl Transferases Initiators of Glycan Assembly at Membrane Interfaces
Celso ReisAltered glycosylation in cancer – targeting tumor heterogeneity and therapeutic implications
Charles DimitroffRegulation of GCNT2/I-branching and its role in melanoma malignancy
Chris WestO-glycosylation: Lessons learned from an O2-dependent cytoplasmic pathway of parasites
Christine SzymanskiN-glycosylation in Campylobacter, an old pathogen with new problems
Federico FornerisInvestigating the molecular mechanisms of human LH3, a multifunctional collagen glycosyltransferase
Fu-Tong LiuGalectins and Innate Immunity
Gerald HartWhy is Nearly Every Protein Involved in Transcription O-GlcNAcylated?
Hakon LefflerHow do galectins “read” N-glycans
Hans BakkerC-mannosylation of thrombospondin repeats.
Henrik ClausenDisplay of the Human Mucinome With Defined O-Glycans by Gene Engineered Cells
Jianxin GuGFAT1 promotes stemness and chemoresistance of pancreatic cancer via β-catenin pathway
Jin-ichi InokuchiHomeostatic and pathogenic roles of GM3 ganglioside molecular species in TLR4 signaling
Joseph ZaiaMeasuring glycoprotein similarity
John SamuelsonThe biochemistry and cell biology of the Spindly O-fucosyltransferase of Toxoplasm
Karen ColleyUnique Requirements for Polysialylation of NCAM, Neuropilin-2 and SynCAM-1
Kelley MoremenGlycosyltransferase structures as modular templates for diverse glycan synthesis
Kevin CampbellRegulation of Matriglycan Synthesis
Linda Hsieh-WilsonTo be announced…
Markus AebiFunctional analysis of the thioredoxin-subunits of yeast oligosaccharyltransferase in vivo and in vitro: a first in-depth analysis of one of the auxiliary subunits of OST
Naoyuki TaniguchiLessons learned from α 1,6 Fucosyltransferase KO mice and a glycomimetic approach for COPD
Natasha ZacharaIdentifying regulators of protein O-GlcNAcylation
Pamela StanleyGlycans that Regulate Notch Signaling in the Intestine
Richard CummingsO-Glycans to the Rescue: How a Little Sugar Goes a Long Way
Rita Gerardy-SchahnCapsule polymerases as tools in the production of next generation vaccines
Robert HaltiwangerBiological Function of Novel Protein O-Glucosyltransferases
Susan BellisST6Gal-I sialyltransferase promotes pancreatic cancer progression by conferring stem-like cell properties

TBD denotes “To Be Decided”

* Note- Speaker list and titles are subject to change. Please check back regularly.